Casabenico, LLC is a female-owned small business that proudly offers high-quality, sustainably-sourced handmade goods meant to enhance the mood and character of your living spaces and satisfy your everyday your needs.

Our Vision

At Casabenico, we believe in celebrating the exquisite beauty of nature. Our  products are authentically handmade and inspired by traditional african craftsmanship techniques and created using organic materials like Seagrass, Millet grass, Cotton, and Natural Gemstones. The result are impeccably designed pieces that are creative, unique, and a testament to original design.

  Our Value

Because we view the environment as a precious gift that has been passed down to us by our ancestors, we are also committed to maintaining it. The handcrafted nature of our offerings gives them an heirloom quality that will instantly connect you to the past while also insisting upon a brighter tomorrow.

  Our Mission


We believe that there is an undeniable sense of tranquility that accompanies owning products that didn’t have to damage the environment in order to arrive on your doorstep. Our mission is to pass that exceptional feeling of peace and global harmony on to every single one of our loyal customers. We partner with Eden Reforestation Project and Empower AS and each purchase you make in our store enables us to plant trees along coastal ecosystems and clean up the world while fighting poverty.                                             

 What We Believe

At Casabenico, we are about so much more than creating breathtaking living spaces and enhancing your aesthetic. We believe in reconnecting with nature, appreciating the value of quality products, celebrating the beauty of the natural world, and - most importantly - passing that beauty on to future generations.